I Choose Love

It comes quickly and it is good

The surge of love

Given the right muse

It also comes often

Repetition of the best kind 

Along with other explosive expressions of emotion

Love has a way of bringing out the best and worst in all of us

For twenty-four hours the world has been perfect

As escape has been found in our own backyard

There’s no place like home

Yet sometimes we need to venture away to find a place of respite

Steps away from our front door we find refuge

Remembering that wherever we are, together is where sanctuary will always follow

World riches and material objects give us pleasure,  but love makes us wealthy in ways unimaginable

The former and the latter take priority on different given days

Today I am the richest man in the world

Because today I choose love

Tomorrow I will choose love

And anytime she is with me, I will choose love

With her, the only given choice for my tattered, sentimental, foolish heart is…




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