He Welcomes The Dawn

In the speck of a hurried moment, a teenage girl realizes she will be a mother much too soon

The child, born on a sweltering summer day, the halfway mark of the year,  before the celebrations of fireworks and apple pie start to take root, enters the world in a complicated breach position

A daughter, relaxed, unhurried and level on the scale of balance, she embraces early on the concept of biding her time

This folly of stability will act as the tether that keeps her grounded in a world where life will often feel like a high wire circus act

She will exude inimitable grace and demonstrate an innate survival skill in her youth

Later, she seeks passive refuge, in the oft hidden cupboards of kindness of a home not her own, where she senses that love, given a proper chance, can abound

Maturity teaches her that forgiveness is easier than rancor and that further chapters in a book often correct the confusing plot lines of earlier pages

She learns to appreciate solid friendship of the easy kind, where requirements are not required and expectations are not expected

She gives the best of herself and cloaks those she loves with a generosity of soul, heart and life (as my Mother would say)

One day she is a woman and is out in the world making her mark on a destiny she is determined to claim

She asks fate to allow her to fall in love with a friend and one day he is simply there

Her focus allows her to understand the complexity of this man

They engage in a dance where ultimately neither leads but both learn to follow willingly

The pages on the calendar are torn as the years crumble under the steps of their adventures, heartaches, triumphs and milestones

She retains her grace, slightly altered for the better by the passage of time, walking through the door of confidence with the wisps of hair turned lighter by the years

The story of the woman goes on and with today’s dawn she adds one more year to a major milestone birthday

Still a product of all that has met and seen her glance, she is enhanced by the love she has given and made along her journey

Those around her celebrate her today, their own lives enriched by her presence

In the speck of a hurried lifetime, a man realizes that a woman’s life holds much purpose and meaning

And because of that purpose and meaning, that friend upon whose love she stumbled so many mornings ago, he celebrates the woman and especially on this morn…

…he welcomes the dawn



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