In Dependence

I feel it. 

It’s coming. 

I choose in.

The official liberation celebration where skin gets really comfortable is just a little under three months away. 

I’ve noticed it in the people around me. 

They reach the milestone and the angst of acceptance gets replaced with plain acceptance. 

It’s all good. 

Oh, well. 

Whatever, but not in a disparaging way. 

The worries of yesterday take on little meaning because there is a renewed focus on the future – there is less of it left so the perspective has changed. 

As much as mortality is such a finite reality, it is refreshing to strip ourselves of the hang ups and resentments of youth and look forward to the embrace of a more complete person. 

Judgements, inward and outward, diminish. 

Acceptance day is here – wholly and without pause – it’s a love fest with the me of, well, me

I will walk in through that door of dependence and find myself in the room of needs and realize that all I ever needed has been brought into the room with my person. It will be my Dorothy Gale, I’m back from Oz with the dog, aha! moment.

I will walk through the room and akin to a museum I will look back on the relics of my varied past and view the lessons I’ve amassed, all the while admiring the fact that history does not dictate where my story will end. 

It is truly a new day. 

It is all good. 

The love we make is the love we take. 

Every cliche was true. 

I will walk in to the room of dependence and for the first time in my life I will be free. 

And it will all, truly, be good. 



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