The Easys And The Pan

Looking back 

Don’t even see the shadow anymore

Might need a Darling to sew it back on

If making an impression were that easy

Simply capturing a little sun and displaying the silhouette in the wake of a walk

Always trailing, never following

Like a reputation or character

The brand we wear

The lasting definition of our name

Significant enough to demand our presence or to reject it

Sending us to walk the plank of forgetting

I can’t worry about it anymore

That shadow of mine has been making appearances for far too long to fret about its definition

Those who stand under the same sun with me don’t care if it’s there or not

They know the face, they know the man

They know the caliber of the shadow

With wears and tears and all the opaque hues of my misunderstood person

Still they share my light without worry that their own shadows and earth reflections will be damaged

They join me in flight and add to my volumes of happy thoughts

Landing right smack in the middle of a  never wrought with conflict land of truism

These people are the easys

These people are the true darlings

And despite my inevitable breakup with youth 

I am still their Pan



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