New Shoes

When an hour turns into three, what is one to do

Service promises are merely words to appease the expected wait

Three days and three vendors and the worn tread on my tires is in better condition than the tread on my patience

My car needs some new shoes having picked up a stray nail down Alligator Alley on the west coast of my peninsula

I never leave Fort Myers Beach without a gift and a suntan

The suntan fades but the nail remains, reminding me that any day now the boom may come

A limping car down a crowded street is not my idea of fun 

So I become the grand negotiator, trying to find the best pair of Buster Browns dressed as Goodyear or Firestone for my slightly tired vehicle

This is not my first time at this rodeo so don’t try to steer me toward your crooked road of thievery

Put my feet up in the air and give me my new shoes

Help me find my strut and my rhythm 

Quiet the mental noise of the potential boom

Make it safe for me to drive again

I’m tired of this tire saga

I’m ready for closure

Let’s nail this nail issue once and for all

And let’s do it before we reach hour four of the wait  for surely there will be a boom and it will not be my tire

It will be me 



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