The Land Of Eventual

Going against the grain is becoming easier with time

I’m opening up my horizons by challenging myself to do what I normally would not do

Is this the bravery stemming from the fearlessness of age

Or is this just the eventual me finally bringing his being into the light

A wise woman said to me today, ‘the only duty I have is to my heart and to those in it…’

If I had not ventured to make the call I might not have heard those words

I might not have been graced with the transatlantic touch that a love of decades does for my pantry of emotion

Sometimes we need reassurance that the footsteps we’ve left in the wake of our presence are worthy of the follow 

That even our folly most vile was part of the plan

For all intents and purposes a stranger can validate our walk and allow us to stand tall

The imprint we left reaching further heights than we ever thought possible

Our memory traveling across years and seas and the nostalgic fog of childhood

One phone call is all it takes as seconds travel to the light of clarity

From brief awkward introduction to the timbre of affection in an elderly fragile voice

Bravery indeed as we embrace our God given and divine right

Looking back in order to gallop forward

The awakening has begun 

And there is no stopping this journey toward the me I was always destined to be

In a land of things eventual and evolved

There I know I will find myself



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