Saturday Of Fun With No Dinner

Recap of the past twenty four includes a whirlwind of activity that now goes into the journal of destiny

Bags of ice to fill the errant box of beverage that can never be empty lest someone should go thirsty from lack of drink

The preparation of the frozen cow patties and the caliente canine tubes along with their respective red, green and yellow condiments, anxiously waiting to be grilled

Breads of various shapes and sizes and apertures acting as beds of warmth for the potential grilled items sit patiently waiting their turn

Enter the first two guests with yet another box of beverage and the machine that crushes and slushes pineapples laced with rum into a colada of the piña kind

Next guests call to say they are running late (I hope they come, I bought coleslaw)

Drinks continue as the bodies place themselves under the cloudy day in the cement pond to soak in cold water

A little chip, a little dip, a little shrimp scampi on a toothpick skewer to pass the time as we wait for the later guests who never arrive (can I return coleslaw?)

Enter the youthful variety, the children whom we should steer to God and a third Prodigal Yvonne now calls her own

More bodies in the cement pond don’t make the water any warmer as the sun has now decided to play hide with no seek from us

Grill lights up and food rushes off the grates onto plates of disposability and into mouths of hunger and unquenchable thirsts

We do nothing and yet we spend the day together in a state of permanent relax

Youth and elder crossing the bridges of informal hospitality and conversation

The others never come leaving more food and drink available for yet another time

But not for tonight for I go to bed without any supper (a punishment because I’ve had too much enjoyment, perhaps?), the time for a meal coming and going without hesitation

Thus, this becomes my Saturday of fun…

…with no dinner

(And uneaten coleslaw)



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