The Open Book I Was Destined To Become

The calendar seems busy

Counting too many days for events that will help bring this year to a close

Work demands

A major milestone birthday

Another book bringing self-imposed deadlines

An over the milestone anniversary

A vacation of a lifetime that will allow me to say things like ‘…The first time I saw Paris…’

I get anxious thinking about it

So many things to do whilst I wait for the next activity

My head in the clouds wrapped in the dreams of possibility

Will what will be, resemble what I wish it to be?

How do I adequately capture the life of a man by merely writing about his journey toward death?

Standing on the edge of my mortality with the handbook of life  somewhat finally mastered

I still share my life with her and through this, with everybody else who peers at my notes

I live a well documented life 

A fluid table of contents maps my every move as the appendix captures the sporadic moments that just don’t fit

In between are my notes and my worry and my laughs and my schedule and my future and..

…my life in all the bits and pieces of the open book I was destined to become



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