We’re Here, We’re Free, Get Used To It

I want to start this post by saying that I was born in Cuba. 

I know plenty of people who are offended by our recently reestablished relations with the island’s government.

There is an inherently personal feeling about watching the country we have revered as the home of the free and the brave, shaking hands with the land of the dictated upon and oppressed. 

I guess I should be upset too but I’ve taken a different stance, albeit it being unpopular and not so admired. 

I believe in the possibility of how dispelling the taboo of the Castro brothers might eventually dilute their power. These self proclaimed bad asses are nothing but fixtures of a broken country whose time to enter creation is now due. 

We can’t stop them from spewing empty rhetoric and the best thing to do is let their empty words fall upon perfectly executed plans of action that cannot be stopped by speeches of disdain and empty monologues of failed promises. 

The two brothers, lovers of their own messages, are rabid, misguided politicians whose ideas and mores have destroyed a once beautiful and prosperous island. They are singularly responsible for leading a people into the land of apathy and lack of ambition where revolt and rebellion could never plant roots and build a province. 

I don’t think that by taking a stand on the island as American people we are trying to cover up the history of a failed revolution that hurt and maimed more than it provided prosperity. 

I acknowledge that it is a bitter pill to swallow,  watching us officially cave as the memory of the many executed and the blood spilled of those  killed for the cause is still floating atop the shores of our island, but if we are to right the wrongs of Cuba’s past, we need to have a stake and a part of its future.  We need to have the ability to let our tears of regret blend with the salt of the ocean and clear the shore for progress. But the only way to do this, is by having the ability to stand upon these shores under the veil of peace. 

No more blood. 

This is but the beginning. We have flags flying over both countries where we never thought they would wave to the population, but steadfast they stand in their twin colors of red, white and blue. The message is clear – freedom is on its way. 

We have people starting the dialogue again, a dialogue that of late had been reserved for the local bus top in front of Miami’s Versailles and not the national platform. 

Cuba is on the national news – daily

We have the youth of today, the generations of the children we bore and raised outside of the natural roots of their brethren taking an active role in the discussion. 

We are making decisions, some unpopular, some difficult, but they are being made and progress, while not yet made, it is inevitable and it stands on the cusp of change. 

So while the handshake of our Preseident and Raul Castro is viewed by many as a aberration and a horrible betrayal, I see it as a reinvigorated United States sending a government whose time is long passe a very simple message:

We’re here, we’re free, get used to it. 



5 thoughts on “We’re Here, We’re Free, Get Used To It

  1. Me ha encantado ver hondear la Bandera Americana en mi Bella Cuba, pero sólo hondea en ese pedacito de territorio, aunque sí , también la he visto en la ropa de las personas que la usan como una nueva moda, pero hasta ahí. Mientras ellos no ceden ni un ápice de su doctrina. Mientras el anhelo de toda la juventud es salir de esa Bella Tierra, la Tierra que me vió nacer para hacer un futuro
    lejos de ella. A eso se le llama Libertad? Libertad que busca la mayor parte de la Juventud al tratar de salir de ella y buscar una nueva vida en el Territorio de la Bandera que se enarbola en ese pedacito de territorio, porque los Señores que le dieron permiso para estar allí siguen con sus doctrinas aberrantes.

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