Oh, The Things You Will Write!

So you’ve opened the pad and you stare at the lines

They are waiting for thoughts

They are waiting for finds

Tidbits of wit pulled straight from your brain

It is up to you to make all those words rain

You argue with structure

Style puts up a fight

But just think of the things that you someday will write

Paper or screen it matters no more

For paragraphs must be made and brought to the fore

You’re blogger, an artist, a writer alive

For only by writing do you truly thrive

Though days where the inkwell appears to run dry

Are balanced by others where sentences seems to flow by

Once in a while you appear determined and bright

Simply by posting the musings you write

Some clamor for humor and some want to cry

Others just want to read to make a moment go by

There are those who comment, gracious for the brief pause

Of listening to your words as you break grammar laws

Somewhere inside you the urge never dies

For finding the right words, for making them sigh

Your aria is prose of the most simple choice

An opera of ‘you’ stories in the clearest of voice

You are devoid of will for these posts you must cite

Some daily, some weekly, but they master your might

So off to the races your brain seems to go

Looking for journeys that the page wants to know

As you lay your head on the pillow each night

Did you ever imagine

Oh, the things you will write?


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