8+26+15 = 22 – Now They Are Together

For Mary, Amy and Alex

You enter our lives again and lead someone’s  Patriarch toward paths unknown to mortal man

We’ve been promised this heaven and no doubt it is there but not one of us who walks on this earth has seen it

So I will take the Book at its word and imagine the songs of angels filling the skies

Welcoming him home, reintroducing him to the people he had once left behind:

The father, the mother, the son

A bittersweet reunion that we can only imagine as we take comfort that our loved ones hold each other in a forever embrace

Waiting for others to join them as they finish out their mortal toils

It is a beautiful idea to envision this perpetual reunion and no doubt it gives comfort knowing this is not the end 

The weight of the soul leaves this earth and effortlessly rises to a better place where the human challenge is no more

The soul finds repose in a state of sleep where life is more vivid, understanding is clear and sin is nonexistent 

This state of sanctified redemption is where we become the best of ourselves, where we can watch over those left behind and where we can prepare for their arrival

It is a place where we live just one degree north of human reality

For these souls, this time of awakening, is but  seconds 

For us mere mortals it can be years where we learn to live with absence

It seems a harsh reality to endure at first

But time is the medication that nurses the wound and patches up our ‘human’ soul

And so we take comfort in knowing one simple fact

We must remember that absence does make the heart grow fonder

Both here on earth…

…and in heaven 



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