Smaughing Back At Me

I keep stealing pictures off the book of faces because there is no better muse than the facts of life as seen through the grainy hue of an artist’s eye 

Four friends joining together in a moment that inspires a smile converged into a laugh

It gives me great relief on this day when I’m recuperating from what has got to be the worst summer cold ever

(Summer cold, how ironic)

There is such forthright confidence in the bold smaughs that adorn this vision of brave female camaraderie 

(Prompting me to ask myself)  

Who am I to complain about my bitter sniffles when this photo speaks volumes of stories, beauty lines depicting triumph and glory, adventures that surely eclipse my tiny malady?

Huddled like a tower of strength, these women have probably all known vast defeats and yet they challenge the camera to find any trace of these in their honest visages

Clearly, there is a history here that envelops their comfortable embrace, these were girls who once walked through the doorway of womanhood together, forging lives, learning lessons, finding love, raising children and nurturing this palpable friendship that leaps from the screen

I cheat a little as I write this because I’m privy  to some of their story, but I’m truly just a bystander as must be all who stand before this wall of formidable grace

This is sisterhood captured at its finest peak, shimmering with the light of a truth they have all mastered too well

Knowing there is no escaping the cavalcade of reality that their lives have been, they emphatically celebrate this moment…

They honor their history

They honor each other

While I complain about my sneezing as I reflect on their moment, I can’t help but think how they are smaughing back at me…

….and I am forever humbled



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