Fourth Write

I should be approaching graduation as I complete my senior year of blogging, but I don’t see the end in sight – at least not just yet. I have about 250 more musings to share before I bring this project to a close and move on to something else. 

Four years in today, and I am producing a product much more different than my freshman year as a public writer. 

Initially, I had years of material living in my head that needed to make the page so the well of ideas was plentiful. As my writing matured, I ventured into the obscure, the more personal and it was in this genre where I found more loyal readership and my genuine voice. 

I will forever be a humorist. I will poke fun at anything and I will never fail to put myself in the forefront of the joke. I have had the most fun making light of my daily life and drawing pictures for my readers depicting the life of Juan. These days I’ve  documented are the heart of this blog, they are the core root from which all other writings stem – they are my reason why four years later, I am still doing this. 

I also found that I could cleanse my grievances via writing. What a fantastic, passive, aggressive tool these posts turned out to be when I wanted to rinse the dirtiest of laundry in under three-hundred words. The rinse cycle of my psyche accessed these pages more than once to iron out the kinks and literally sprinkle my life with the sun kissed fabric of contentment. 

Tributes have been plentiful. This is my board of life so I have rendered tributes to those whose presence in my life merited more than a casual mention. While I knew these posts would never be universal, I never set out to take the world by storm – I wanted to storm my life with words – and I did and I have. 

So as I venture into the fifth (and maybe final) year of Juan Day At A Time, I truly don’t know what will come next. I have no agenda, I have no plan. I am a man with words, a life and a canvas of fluid ideas that find me rather than me initiating the hunt.

And while I like the hunt for words once the idea has taken root, I can’t predict where the sentences will go or where they will end up on the page. 

Wherever it all ends up, I hope you read and I hope you keep coming back…

We’ve come too far together to not see this through its natural end. 

Thank you for reading listening



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