Oh, Those Places I’ll Work!

With new shoes on my feet and a briefcase to boot

I’m going out in the world to make me some loot

I’ve studied real hard and I made all the As

I hope that they’ll pay me more than minimum wage

I just got the memo as they read me the rules

This thing they call work is nothing like school

They won’t teach me about facts, or figures or charts

I’m going to have to depend on a thing called street smarts

My goal is to flourish, to climb the rungs of success

I don’t know how to deliver anything that is less

I’m an overachiever, a goal seeker, an ACE

I’m going to step up my game and find the right pace

For this is a race that with ‘just enough’ steps will never be won

This toil they call work is much more than just getting it done

It’s about my track record, my performance, my deeds

Today a technician, tomorrow I’ll lead

The Boss may be bossy, my peers lazy some

But it’s now up to me to get this job done

For these shoes on my feet have places to go

I’ve new things to learn, there’s much I don’t know

I’m ready for fortune, perhaps fame might come my way

I’ve worked really hard to embrace this labor day

I’ll gain my rewards, I may find a perk

I’m anxious to visit 

Oh, those places I’ll work!



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