The Grammar Gods

It is one of those mornings. 

The TV in the bedroom isn’t working and I make a comment and suddenly I am accused of blaming someone for a bad connection. 

I did mention that the receiver keeps getting moved (and not by me) and I guess this is how I am fixing blame. 

It’s quiet in this house, save for the sound of the toaster oven and my everything bagel warming up, I don’t hear much of anything else. I don’t expect this is going to be a  morning rampant with conversation. 

I’ve probably done something that has put me on the naughty list. 

Maybe I didn’t hang up my soap bar in the shower on the proper hook, or perhaps I didn’t throw the dry cleaner tags away quick enough or  I’ve left my ear plugs in a too visible place where others might see…

(Oh, no, maybe I dropped some bagel crumbs on the floor as I put it in the toaster…)

I don’t know. 

I’m at a loss as to my transgression and the thought of asking might expose me to the fires of Malibu or worse yet, the wrath of Minga. 

(Whispers all around: Minga, Minga, Minga)

Instead, I will just be silent and hope that whatever I’ve done will blow over and things will go back to the normalcy where my failures are a given and better still, accepted. 

I should not have said anything about the TV. That was my mistake. I should have waited to the weekend, fixed the connection and kept my thoughts to myself. 

I didn’t need Good Morning America, I needed Peace at Chez Hernandi. 

That was my mistake. 

I shared. 

Just like I’m sharing now.

I’m wondering who I will offend next?  Or is whom?  I can’t win today. 

Now I’m sure to offend the Grammar Gods. 



4 thoughts on “The Grammar Gods

  1. Wow, this must have been a walk on eggshells morning in your house. I can tell by your writing you said “I guess they is”. I can’t recall the last time you had to stand corrected!!!!! Hope the evening is better my friends.

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