All We Can Do Today

My beautiful city of concrete sidewalks and towers of strength and lights that light the great white way

Today I feel the depth of your wounds and the silence of your song

I feel the sting of your scars and the regret of too many stolen moments

My heart flies over an ocean of grief and goes out to you 

Wishing I could be there to walk through your tired streets

Simply to be yet another of the souls who celebrates your indomitable, resilient spirit

My hands and hearts are joined in this silent prayer today

For the many we lost, needlessly meeting an untimely end

Some once known to me, some merely voices on the other end of a call

A void that still haunts me today as I walk into my office

A remembrance of a morning where everything I knew of this world

Changed for good as I begrudgingly welcomed fear into my routine

Fourteen years later should help me with the fear, but not with the acceptance

This should have never happened

I should not have pictures of loss ingrained into my psyche

So today I choose to not be sad anymore because the anniversary of tragedy should not predicate despair

Instead I will elevate names and faces in prayer, prompting a better use of my heart and strengthening my faith muscle

Imploring an all-knowing Universe to light the way for the survivors living in my distant waking city, may they find continued comfort; and that for the victims bound to an early heaven, may they continue to rest in the peace of a better place

For the turbulent yesterday that affected all of my future tomorrows, this is all I can do today

I pray

As I know many others do as well

Together, in our most collective expression of hope and solidarity, we pray

It is all we can do today



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