Keep Swimming Mermaid

Today is the day

That day

The one you’ve waited for and dreamed about ever since that little kid pulled your hair in grade school

Today you depart from the you of you

You’ve earned it

You’ve borrowed something

You will always cherish something old

You have bought something new

You stand beneath a sky of blue with scattered raindrops to remind you of your precious ocean

Family has gathered

Friends galore have come in droves

He’s waiting for you

Hiding the nervousness behind a permanent grin

Mom and Dad look nervous too

Twinges of fear as you embark on a journey that they understand all too well

Today is about the love and the happy that comes at those moments where the culmination of achievement and determination meet

Today you dispose of the fin and walk on land

Take a deep breath and get the air to your spirit

Learn to soar above the stress and enjoy the routine of pampering and beauty due you

How you will improve on your near perfect looks I will never know

For your kind and bountiful heart draws beauty out of your pores

You are ready for this day

The stage is set

Everyone is ready for you

The ocean is finally open to all of your heart’s desires

So keep swimming mermaid

Because today all waves rush to shore to welcome you to the land of matrimony

A place where you might sometimes swim in silence

But from this day forward you will never walk alone



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