The Director And The Star Turn

Three plus decades and nothing has changed except for the depth of the feeling

It’s like a switch goes off and the ability to alter the setting is immediately gone

The heart muscle doesn’t distinguish where it will assign beats and upon whom

It simply knows this is where the lot of affection must be placed

It dispenses blind, unconditional love on someone that comes from someone that is his

A sibling’s child offers an excursion into parenthood by way of the road of relation

When one is given the opportunity to peek into the land of fatherhood for the first time, he has no way of knowing that his visa will eventually be revoked

He doesn’t anticipate a forever residence in this land of unfathers, that rarely used, impolite name for uncles who don’t sire any children

He relies on humor and wit and silliness to make his mark on the infinite number of children who will walk on his path

He will stand in the proverbial light of shadow, he will kneel in the second pew, he will cheer from the sidelines because destiny did not reserve the seat of spotlight for him

One day, someone who comes from someone who comes from someone that is his, takes him back to a history that repeats itself

Three plus decades of emotion remain unfazed, save for the depth of the feeling

Being an uncle is more than enough because it is not about the title but rather about the execution

It is about enjoying those key moments where life events brand destiny with the mark of connection

Fathers and son, uncles and nephews, grandfathers and grandsons – simple labels that mean little without the emotion to back them up

So he packs his bag of love and dispenses it as freely as it is allowed upon that first child who captures his heart and changes his life

And just like that moment thirty-one years ago when everything changed, destiny reminds him that the heart is limitless in its ability to spread affection

Moreover, the heart is a powerful and daunting director, one that takes a man who plays a secondary role on this life stage and makes him feel like he has delivered a star turn

And all of this was possible because there was someone from someone who was his…

…whom he would love beyond scope, beyond measure, beyond place, beyond time and especially beyond the label



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