The Always Glamour Cat

She was not an ordinary cat and never would be as most glamour cats would venture to tell us

With her uncanny ability to climb anything with the skill and silence of a circus star, she made it up the tree without ever slipping once

Again, never an ordinary feline, each step was delivered with extraordinary precision and style, almost as if the audience was watching and she wanted them to gasp in awe

The branch was thin, brittle and looked a little less safer than how it felt under her paws

With the blinding, hot sun before her,  she perched her steady frame and opened her eyes wide to take in the light and relish the heat

Despite the glare before her, she fixated her gaze toward the orange orb, taunting the star with her hazel eyes and daring it to find them less deserving of its light

Days ago, atop the railings of a bridge too high for most, she had challenged the full moon in the same fashion and it eventually retired into dawn as she never deviated from her stance or stare

She stretched her long tail and curled it just enough at its end to deliver the regal parade wave to the light of sunset

The shadow cast on the ground beneath and behind her would have been confused with that of a larger beast, but it was merely happenstance, her standing at just the perfect angle to fool the soil below and scare any other creatures who wanted to steal this moment 

She took a quiet breath and closed her eyes for one brief second, opening them up immediately lest the sun feel he had won the staring contest

Her thoughts were consumed on the days to come and how much needed to be done before that night of hallow and fright where all of her kind gathered at midnight

She didn’t much go for the fanfare associated with the festivities, but she didn’t want to shun the event for it was a night to see and be seen

And, as any glamour cat would venture to tell us, she was the cat to be seen – always

Tonight, however, she would ponder in the silence and the stillness of the sun’s goodbye and she would wait for the night, a place and time where she always did her best thinking

‘How will I make my entrance on that night of nights?’ she pondered to herself,  knowing she would merely stroll in when she saw fit, after enough had gathered to see her there

Once she was there, time would stop for all others

A tiny gust of wind moved one of the thinner branches that framed her for the sun, and although she never even flinched, it reminded her of her surroundings and brought her back from her thoughts

She waited for the sun to go as she bathed in its light against the shine of her ebony blue coat

She was a glamour cat and as any glamour cat would venture to tell us, waiting was just another way to be seen

And she was the cat to be seen – always


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