A Once Beautiful Stranger


Simple numbers that define us. 

A date becomes engraved in our history books as time passes and we look back on an event. 

First we look forward to the date. 

Then it arrives and all is a blur of activity and stress and laughter and tears. 

Then that first anniversary comes and we reminisce about a wedding built more on sweat and hard work than money or even love. 

The depth of affection on that first day of union is nothing compared to what it becomes if we embrace the evolution of a marriage.  

We recount the mishaps of the day, recalling the horrid wedding cake, thinking of the person who fell on the dance floor, still admiring the modified bridesmaid dress, missing the people who are no longer with us and highlighting the fun we seem to recall. 

Five years whirl by and we’ve now been challenged by life to accept our realities and rethink some of our dreams. 

Ten years catch up with us and we throw the party we couldn’t afford when we got married as our hair thins and our faces accept the lines of time. 

In the blink of an eye, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five crowd the calendar with the marking of their days. 

One day we wake up and we’ve shared half of our life with a once beautiful stranger who altered the course of our destiny. 

It happened so quickly. 

It wasn’t unexpected, but it did come from one of those places where love lurks waiting to find voice. 

The choice we made in selecting each other rewrites our history and those unfulfilled dreams are dust in the wind. 

This is our life now. 

This is the love we have, this is the love we share, this is the love we make. 

This is the love that sustains and defines us. 

This is the reality that became our dream. 

And at twenty-six years young, we can’t wait to see where it takes us next. 



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