Last Time I Saw Paris

Who knew I could fall in love so quickly

I believe this might have been my home in some other existence

Your streets, your lights, your people are all feel vaguely familiar to me

The warnings given to me by many, tainted by politics and a forgotten history, have all been ignored

I walk your streets and my step feels secure and strong

The chill in the fall air makes me love you even more

The language of your people falls off the tongue in abrupt spurts 

A sound that can be easily confused with anger but is nothing but the forthright nature of your natives

We are, after all, inhabiting your turf

And what a beautiful turf it is with buildings that evoke all the artistry of your land

Sights that force people to find the love in each other is the Parisian way

Under your lights I’ve been mesmerized by your intricate beauty

Getting lost in the small crevices of space where you’ve decided to host a cafe

Or on the streets that lead to hidden alleyways where rainbow colored magic appears in a storefront window in the form of a macaroon

The noise coming from too much traffic and too many people whispers my name

And I can’t help but answer with the willing Oui of a man who has found a new home

Last time I saw you, I was saying goodbye, welcoming the last night of sleep I would enjoy in your embrace

You’ve been good to me and I promise to return

For you surely will not pass my way but just this once



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