AVEnues Of Enticement

The sights before my window pass quickly as the sun blinds my gaze

My seat feels the speed change like the ebb and flow of tides on a less than tranquil ocean

They call you AVE which means a creature of flight

You make me feel like I am was soaring over your lands of errant knights and windmills with you as the Dulcinea I leave behind in the shadow of my departure

Leaving my past behind, embrracing the future, never slowing down enough to feel the present

A present that is as real to me now as the firmament upon which these tracks lead me to new misadventures

On this day where I am crossing kilometers toward a new destination

I have left the Madrid that introduced me to Segovia and Avila

I have departed the Madrid that allowed me to hop over and back to Valencia in one day

I have exited the Madrid that forced  me to walk La Gran Via and admire lights and sounds so ever present in the heart of a pulsing city

I have bid adieu to the Madrid that took me to a Cabaret that embraced the Great White Way in my native tongue

I have simply left the Madrid that in the early morning embraced my writer sensibilities and dared me not to fall in love as I crossed its many avenues of enticement

As the sights before my window pass much too quickly, the imprint of your impact is firmly branded into my soul

Kilometers not withstanding, I now know we are connected for life

I’ve left a piece of my traveling heart here and despite the distance we put between us, a meloncholy drifter am I in the wake of your now distant center

Wait for me for I pledge to return when flights of fancy or folly pervade my soul

Until then, Godspeed



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