Twenty-One Days Ago

The calendar moves quickly giving no excuse for the passage of time

Where once peace and beauty resided, chaos has now taken foot leaving the senselessness of violence in its wake

In droves people wrote to be thankful we were home and not there

It feels like yesterday when actually it has been twenty-one evenings since last we walked through your streets

How quickly the panorama of tranquility can change by the heinous acts of a few

How easily we give thanks to our ever protecting God for sparing us the fear and mayhem

You are a city of lights that welcomes dozens by the second to your many places of beauty

You stand proud, steadfast and tall amid the tarnish of the war waged on you

We collectively pray for the innocent souls who met their untimely end yesterday and I personally long for the day where  I can happily access the memories created twenty-one days ago…


Not today

For today, as a bystander of the world I watch as you move past the tribulation of granting serenity to your citizens

As you efficiently invite order back to your streets

As you move toward a future where the few who see yesterday as a victory are abolished

As you shine your lights again and every glimmer or twinkle is filled with the expectancy of hope for peace to be restored 

As you become the city I recently met, one of vibrant people and lights…





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