Annoying And Corny Forever

The morning opens with a noise somewhere outside that wakes me from sleep and reminds me about today

Today is my favorite day of the year

It is the perfect Thursday

Today is all about gatherings and family and friends and food

Something magical happens when you sit around a table with people who tug at your heartstrings enjoying the bounty of comfort in the form of a sweet potato

I haven’t had coffee this morning and I have a smile on my face as I write this

I’m also overwhelmed with nostalgia today as I think upon all those who are no longer in my life

I remember their presence with a touch of sadness and I wonder how today would be different if they were around

I remember those first San Givings where somehow black beans and rice made it to the table along with the emergency pork shoulder (just in case the dry turkey killed us) delivering cultural diversity to our holiday

I remember how those early celebrations evolved into what will happen today, the turkey no longer being an unwelcome guest at the table and the beans and rice nowhere in sight

I miss hosting at my house but I have found nearly perfect substitutes to give me the warmth of the hearth of home where I can give all my thanks amid a circle of love

As annoying as it sounds, we are so very blessed and it should not be corny to be able to reflect on our lives and feel simple joy at the reality of today

With a life that is far from perfect where challenges try our patience daily, it seems like we should take advantage of this perfect Thursday to enjoy each other

I’m blessed beyond measure and I will continue to say it and give my thanks

I also hope I can be corny and annoying forever



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