The Final Imprints

Unfinished business, unspoken words, unanswered questions

This is what is left behind when someone we love unexpectedly dies

The coulda, woulda, shouldas of those last few moments overtake our thoughts and command our tears

Could we have possibly made a difference?

Could we have stopped the inevitable?

Could we have altered destiny?

The answer to all of these queries is a resounding no

We are not here to manifest change to a reality that has been preordained 

We are not here to question the appearance of the exit door for anyone’s life

We are not here to question the ways of the universe or the will of God

We are meant to grieve

We are meant to miss

We are meant to embrace the absence that usurped its way into our day

We are creatures of resilience and resignation

We learn to accept the defeat of mortality and inevitably we bounce back

Our history with the lost is crucial for this process

We move our loved one to the plane of consciousness where the physical is replaced by remembrances

They now reside in the crowded city of memory, a place where we can visit often only to have one-sided conversations where we control the responses

This becomes enough, it has to be, or we would render our sanity lost

This becomes sufficient once we’ve recorded the final imprints of their face, their voice and their scent into our psyche

This becomes the road for access to our departed loved one, a path paved by way of thought and beat of heart and depth of sense that leads to our release of grief

Our history with our loved one now defines our future interaction and this is enough…

It has to be…

It will be…

It will be

It will be



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