The Big Reveal

Two drifters off to see the world

Packing spontaneity in the carry on of our souls

While the other bags hold some clothes and a slew of chargers for our electronics

The spirit whisks us away

Sneaking in and sneaking out of this familiar place

Avoiding the hello and the goodbyes that inevitably will come

Can’t see one without seeing all

Saving all those visits for another time

Hoping to create a welcomed surprise

Crashing somebody else’s party and somebody else’s journey

We arrived to be met with tears of joy and a smile I rarely see on that face anymore

Glad we were welcomed as the car brought us closer to our destination

This could have been embarrassing if we had not been met with joy

FaceTime allowing us to perpetrate the big reveal 

Walking through our familiar haunts and taking in the spirit of the season

In the playground that does it better than any other place I know

So we found that miracle we needed on 34th

Looking around for the muse that always inspires us to find words of happy

Getting on our feet to march toward the tree that lights a steady rock

Not doing much and yet doing it all with these errant travelers too

Drifters of folly themselves

In the place where the words I love are always followed by two letters

And on this trip for us they are followed solely by two names

So home we go as the surprise ends and reality sets in

Goodbye, until next time

The spirit has landed

Home awaits




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