Anticipatory Rejoice

free-happy-man-standing-on-the-top-vectorUp and atom
Early bird catches the worm
Woke up to this earth today with anticipatory rejoice
Happiness comes in the simplest of colors
With hues of vivid laughter
For a day that lends enjoyment at the hands of good friends
So simple my expectations have become with age
Considering the complexity of my thought in youth
The over complication with which I’d paint my roads
Always looking for the different path
Yet winding up on a textbook journey with textbook problems
That while not overwhelming are simply all mine
Still I smile and I smile broadly today
For this morning is wondrous in ways unimaginable
With blessings not visible to the naked eye
Resonating deeply in the faithful heart that gives me life
I never thought I would grow up to be this invested
In the emotional currency of the land carrying my soul’s flag
Yet here I stand so cognizant of my surroundings
Aware that in the mundane route I have been given
There’s a vast amount of affection given me
That I must return twofold
For this opportunity I am most grateful
For love is a sustainable force in the face of adversity
Love is a guiding light in the darkest of moments
Love lets us land solidly on a steady ground of comfort
After a tumultuous somersault through the balance beam of life
If I am to be truthful
It has come easy for me by way of destiny’s many refusals
I have not had to endure the dull to find the shine
I have not had to withstand pain to know relief
I’ve lived and I’ve loved and in between done everything else
Experienced the best and hardly prepared for the worst
Imperfection becoming the norm
So here I am
Ready for a day that lends enjoyments at the hearts of good friends
For this I wake up to this earth today with anticipatory rejoice



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