Bitter Herbs Of Communication

I didn’t ask for this pile of words
To come so easily to me
From places of light and dark
And everywhere else in between
I wish I could shut the eye
That sees the hidden
The mouth that speaks forbidden
Thoughts that visit simply to leave
By way of elocution and articulation
Taking me to the station
Somewhere between redemption and regret
The useless stop on this journey
Where ambulances of judgement
Make me lie back on the gurney
After taking a punch in the verbal gut
Where naughty letters get misconstrued
Poorly interpreted and overused
To act as weapons against me
Many a relationship now damaged
Tarnished with erasure marks
While others are enriched
Bold and italicized with exclamation points
Love and understanding finding hitch
Life’s a bitch and so am I
But when alone sometimes I cry
Words giving me power
Allowing me to tower over the silent
The tallest of men with a pen
I guess I should feel better
More enamored with this gift
That leads to tears and rift
Curse and blessing all in one
For words are never Juan’s to be outdone
My voice on screen and page
Timeless like rosemary and sage
The bitter herbs of communication
Making tea while at the station
Somewhere between redemption and regret
In the hottest of waters am I



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