I Give You U&P

I have no choice but to put these two letters in the box and make sure they reach you with this note.

I will wrap them for you in a pretty little container, attach some balloons,  and place it in your pretty little hands.

Maybe this exchange won’t be physical, but there will be a virtual, tangible touch to this process.

I’ve tried, repeatedly and my efforts have been futile.

I’m embarrassed by how easily I have embraced humiliation of the worst kind –  to be considered irrelevant.

Isn’t it funny how my passion is never my trademark trait?

Instead, I’m known for being boisterous and never in a positive way.

For some reason brazen truth always sounds louder than the polite whispers of deception and still it offends.

The headlines associated with my behavior will never tell the whole story, but I’ve heard that without the guise of judgement actions will always speak louder than words.

Still, this is your win.

Grand prize for you is a whole lot of select memories that will keep supporting your position as all other memories fly away.

Take this pretty box, open it, enjoy it and make it all yours in your pretty little hands.

Take one letter into your left hand and the other letter into your right hand and hold them toward the brightest light as I wouldn’t want anything to shadow your victory.

Here’s to us…

I give you U&P.











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