There Is Nothing

There is nothing on the table – not a chocolate heart and not one single flower. 


I remind you of the many days where the word challenge was an understatement. 

I recall the days I struggled to like you because it simply wasn’t in the cards that day. 

I think of words said in anger that led to arguments and disappointments. 

I remember mornings where we had gone to bed angry and neither of us was willing to break the ice. 

I clearly detail the moments when we hurt each other deeply, where the line of continuity was stressed. 

I acknowledge all the rules we have broken and reinterpreted. 

Thinking on behaviors that could have been better, reactions that could have been nicer and conversations that could have been softer, I set this table of empty for you. 

There is nothing here for you – not a card, not a note, not an IOU – there is nothing but the stability of the table. 

There is nothing but the sanctity of these larger than four walls that envelop our routine. 

There is nothing but the memories contained in this sometimes pressure cooker of a home where time and people and money run quickly. 

There is nothing but the spaces we occupy in the hurry of our lives and in the moments of rest when we close our eyes. 

There is so much out of the ordinary nothing that at times mundane is the right word to describe it all. 

And yet there is you and there is me – still

We carry our rations of nothing in bushels of deep, genuine affection that binds us irrevocably. 

We act out the mundane in the harmony of a sentiment that overwhelms our hearts. 

There is respect for our history, allegiance in our present, tenderness in our passion and amity in our devotion. 

We are bound by all of the mundane nothing that surround us. 

On second glance, we look at the empty table and now see the riches and blessings bestowed by the ever growing emotion that started on the day we met. 

We reflect on that and realize that where there is love, there is everything. 

For me, that everything begins and ends with you – along with all the mundane nothing you have and will bring into my life. 



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