The Days Of Grand


There are days in our lives that alter the course for the rest of our existence. 

These detours are usually brought forth by an event or another human being who enters our lives. 

The birth of a Grandchild gives us a feeling of newness, of our bloodline finding footing in the course of history – in short, it continues our tale. 

We have fresh hopes and dreams upon where to place our faith. 

We are given moments to correct our behaviors, to apply what we have learned and to impact yet another life in our path. 

We are also given the opportunity to get back at our children for the struggles they placed before us – we can spoil their progeny rotten by giving them unconditional love with a side of restrained discipline. 

We can teach the child to love life by breaking all the rules someone else will have to correct some other day (but not today!). 

We can show them how to find joy without toys or electronics games or a television – they can see us run and play and bring out the inner child in us. 

We can tell them stories and wipe their tears and comfort their worries. 

We can be the surprise behind the sound of the doorbell and we can host the best sleepovers. 

The children of our children speak to our heart in a language all their own with a voice they command from the day they are born. 

Our life changes forever because of these special days and such special days make our life…




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