She was born with a challenge

‘Tho it never challenged her

She couldn’t quite hear it all

Missing sounds along the way 

That forced her to listen more intently

Made her learn to read lips

She spoke a little different

Enunciation was never going to be her strongest suit

Mixing Pittsburgh with hearing aid

Gave us an accent definitely inimitable

Just like her

Inimitable, one of a kind, true to the bitter end

A friend who required subtitles from all angles

But has mastered the skill of amity even across the miles

So when Harry entered her brain

She didn’t hear him or the fear that came with him

She evicted him and dealt with all the remnants he left behind

When they told her recently the girls would need to leave the band

She didn’t hear any of the fear

She heard the music of angels and faith and strength

She gave the girls the boot, added some synthesizers and now her act is on the mend

She’s learning new songs and will soon take her act on the road again

That is what she does

She goes on

Yeah, she’s missed sounds along the way

Yeah, she’s read a subtitle or two

Yeah, she’s had her challenges

But she can’t ever hear fear or his approaching footsteps

In my book, that makes her a hero

A Wonder Woman

And most importantly, it continues to make her…




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