The Who And Thing Juan That I Am

Today is his birthday

Let’s all make a fuss

We have to have cake

It’s definitely a must

He taught us the joy

Of  words on a page

He wrote for the boys 

And girls of any age

He taught us how 

A cat in a hat

Could be naughty and bratty

And still make us happy

He taught us to crave 

As we learned the Cat’s scam

A hearty breakfast of green eggs and ham

I remember where I was 

And what I wanted to do

That moment that he told me

That Horton heard that Who

And at every Christmas

I pulled back on that sleigh

Hoping that the Grinch

Would not take Whoville’s presents away

He made us all feel like it would all be alright

We read him at morn, and at noon and at night

The more that we read, the more we would know

He taught us about all those places we’d go

So here I am still at the ripe age of fifty

I still think his books are totally nifty

Though he’s been gone for a while from this reader’s life

I thank Dr. Seuss for his gift to my strife

For I once was that reader who enjoyed his witty prose

Today I’m a writer and in his style I compose

The simplest of tributes to the legend, the man

The one who most possibly made me want to be the Who and the Thing Juan that I am



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