One Of Mine

I have filed a claim. 

There are no limits on the number of souls I’m allowed to call my own. 

Blood relatives. 


Family of friends. 

Family of family. 

I determine if I want to call you my own. 

I don’t need your agreement or consent. 

My heart does not discriminate upon where I will deposit my affection. 

And I am not asking for reciprocation. 

What you throw forth my way, I will accept as I hope you will appreciate what I give you. 

This human experience allows me to populate my world with this eclectic cast of characters that color my world and my world is running rampant with hues of all shades. 

In between choosing to disparage or elevate, I will always try to choose the high road. 

My days of judgement are slowly drawing to a close. 

I’ve learned too much to understand that most mistakes don’t come from a place of deliberation – they simply are, appearing unexpected and without reason. 

The roots of hate are rarely visible, rather growing like weeds in an unwelcoming field of love. When given the opportunity to pick a flower – I have to choose the one grown in, surrounded by and nurtured with love. 

Hence, why I’ve chosen you. 

I’ve chosen to open this already crowded heart to you, finding a compartment of affection where I thought there was space no longer. 

I claim you. 

I love you. 

And for as long or as forever this sentiment remain, you will always be one of mine. 



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