His Blessing

God bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Let’s go back to this melody

Stop the street fighting and remember that each street

Is ours

This is a great nation

Yet we’ve decided that in order to prevail

We must condemn

Where in history did we learn this?

To hold on to our green

We see the prostitution of our ideals

Pontificating and living on sound bites

The loudest headline does not the strongest reason hold

Blame the politicians of the past for all that ails

Criticize this current administration if you must

Fear the future for instability is prevalent

Whatever you do

Respect the office of our President

Both for the one who stands in the Oval today

And for the one who will stand there tomorrow

Because charity and benevolence begins at home

We’ve aired enough dirty laundry already

The world has seen too much 

All the wrong people are laughing

While we hang our soiled sheets to dry

Stained by the compost of rhetoric and insult

Respect one another

Support contrasting points of view

We didn’t survive an independence from the mother land

To become street thugs and hooligans

Rather we fought to enjoy the contrast of our views

In a colonial America that bred promising colorful discourse 

In all the shades that the melting pot has conjured from white 

Respect the hue of this new America

Help us recapture the old light of pride

Let your voice be heard in the way we were taught

In grade school

Exercise your right to vote

Stand beside and guide her

Love your land

Make America that place of grace


By a God

Who understands why our church and state must be separate 

But every man and woman and child  was created equal and still deserves 

His blessing



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