Blonde Ambition

Marco Rubio SmileHe’s one of mine.

He belongs to the community that nurtured me and gave me roots upon foreign soil.

He proudly wears his badge with the big C anywhere he goes.

He is articulate and reverent and political and insightful.

He and I differ on our political views as this country so beautifully allows, but that does not stop me from being proud of what he has brought to the table.

He took an established, tired group and gave it the face of youth – youth as someone who is fifty can see in someone who is in his forties.

He took the same conservative ideals I totally disagree with and made me look at them in a different light, opening up my thought process to engaging in a differing point of view.

He allowed me to give him a chance by not wavering in his resolve and in his stance.

He showed me a little of that C background when thugs called him out and he couldn’t help but engage in a street fight that led nowhere.

Quickly, he remembered himself and corrected his path.

Many say he was doomed from the beginning, but I think his timing was merely off.

This may not be his moment to win the spotlight, but it has certainly been his moment to show the world that there can be a new face to a tired party.

Clearly he has the chops to lead America there because he took his thoughts and speeches on his cavalcade and made the country notice.

He expressed himself thoughtfully and unwavering, sometimes saying things that couldn’t be further from our agreement spectrum, but still I listened and so did many others.

He could be a great number two if there was truly a number one to choose from in the remaining group of candidates.

On this morning after which brings words like suspend, delay, stop, cancel and reset to the table, I know his destiny will lead him to the rightful place.

As this son of exile looks upon another son of exile, I can’t help but wish that his White House dreams continue to be in his purview.

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to disagree with one of my own as I have done so many times before.

I can’t wait to give him the opportunity to earn my vote because of what he represents and not because of who he represents.

As we move on, I can say that I was a spectator on your Blonde Ambition tour and while you didn’t earn my vote, you certainly earned my respect.  That, Mr. Rubio, in this game, is half the battle.







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