Charming Mother

Who knew you would capture my heart

Mother warned me about women like you

The free, independent thinking type

The one who wouldn’t think twice about taking on multiple roommates

Strangers no less

All males

The one who would take sweets from a stranger  

Even if they seemed to be a healthy choice

Even if it was fruit, poisoned, but fruit nonetheless

The girl who had runaway from home

Although your story was a bit compelling

Potential homicide and all

Still, you were a kid on the run

Without a real mother to guide you

Somehow you were still the perfect homemaker

Cooking and cleaning better than most maidens of your age

Your childish charm didn’t deter from your radiant beauty

Was that lipstick you were wearing or were your lips as red as blood?

How did you manage to keep those ebony locks of yours frizz free

Living in the middle of the forest with no air conditioning in sight?

Who taught you to sing in perfect American Idol pitch?

Your lips, your look, your voice lured me to your presence

All the charm I could muster was no match for your allure

And just as I found you, I lost you

My truest love just died

It didn’t make sense

Some say it was true love’s kiss

Others say you spit out the apple when a clumsy dwarf tripped

Spilling your coffin onto the forest soil

Whatever it was, you came back

You came back to me

You came back to them, all seven of them

And while we are living happily ever after…

Mother still thinks you are a tramp



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