Olive Green Irrelevance

You decided to express your displeasure after the troops had left the island

How brave of you to voice your opinion in the silence of your solitude

Still you pontificate and think you have voice amid the exile that age and illness have had no choice but to provide

You denounce the visit and the Leader, offering disrespect as you have for an entire half a century plus

Your plan, your revolution, your intent and your history are all caked with the frosting of failure and the bitter taste of sour grapes

Give it up and be the man you think you are, admit your defeat as those around you have conceded that you are as our people would say, ‘a zero to the left’

Take your empty rhetoric, words on the page of a controlled press, and use the newspaper for more elemental needs your person might need 

Literally, cover the paper with the waste of your words, it might serve you and the world a bit better

Look inward and talk to your sibling who obviously doesn’t give much weight to your opinions anymore

As for him, he is not much better than you and yet he has realized that in order to stay relevant he must pretend to eat some crow

I hope he is feasting on the same crow he fed to the Cuban people for more than fifty years, except I hope his portion is enticing his tastebuds to seek alternatives to his palette – preferably off the island

As for you, continue to march to the beat of your soon to be dead drum. 

History will absolve you of nothing and you will be yesterday’s news. 

It’s a new day and this dawn has no room for you and much less for your irrelevant olive green hue in the light of morn long overdue. 



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