Thoughts In Exhaustive Slow Motion

How did you know it?

I just knew. 

This is a very common exchange I share with people who ask me how I derived a specific conclusion about something related to them. 

I’m intuitive. 

I’m analytical. 

Some have gone as far as a accusing me of being clairvoyant when my revelations have been about fate altering events that eventually materialize. 

And while I think that my sight into the unspoken or unresolved is less about psychic ability and more about observation, I have sometimes surprised myself with the conclusions I have drawn. 

As a writer I see everything as potential scenery and I see people as potential characters, the lines of fact and fiction finding their inbetween in the pages of words I deliver. 

I use my mind’s eye to make connections, pull together ideas and formulate suppositions that come coated in varied levels of truth, but mostly these deep thoughts steer toward a veracity that at times can promote amazement. 

I’ve seen people stunned by one of my random musings about them as I have looked just as surprised that I had the wherewithal to deliver their ‘truth’. 

Sometimes I don’t know where it comes from but I know it comes from a place where I was compelled to share it – good or bad. Warranted or not. Welcomed or not. 

I’ve written before how my mind has constant traffic jams of thought and I’ve had to put up roadblocks to address the issue. I must get the impetus to share because I look at most things so intently, I take a one dimensional thought and see it in 3-D and then I slow the motion enough to watch it unfold in all the many scenarios where it can end.  

The Universe serves as a backdrop and the rest is either intuitive, analytical or clairvoyant.

This is how my mind works. 

This is how I think. 

This is me. 

At times, like today, it is plain exhausting. 



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