Confirmation Day

I have always felt that I was just invited for drinks while everyone else was staying for dinner. 

I couldn’t help it. 

I didn’t feel that the Juan of a kind charm that I brought to the table was appreciated. I knew the kids loved me and that they embraced my role as a ‘kooky’ not quite blood relative, not quite uncle, yet sort of family staple, but I didn’t have an official role. 

Until today. 

Today I face the House and Senate of Familydom as I enter yet another House of the Lord and I assume my rightful place amongst strangers who have, for all intents and purposes, been my family. 

Today as I sit next to the child who grew up in my house at my mother’s babysitting hands, the same child who later became Yvonne’s Godchild as I sat on the sidelines – today, fourteen years into his life, I have a role. 

This has been the hardest accomplishment of my life. I have watched many a nominee get their gold statuettes as I’ve had to sit in the audience with a fake smile and pretend jovial clapping. 

I have earned my place after many meals, many school projects and many years of watching him grow by my side. 

Today he walks in his red robe garb toward a Bishop who will anoint him with the presence of the Holy Spirit and there I will be guiding him by the shoulder, behind him, to make sure he doesn’t trip over himself or get lost on the way toward the altar. 

The role of placing my hand on his shoulder has been long overdue, but at last it is here. 

I have been redeemed. 

I have been accepted. 

I have been confirmed. 

And soon, provided my guiding hand doesn’t steer him in the wrong direction, so will he be too. 



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