The Open Road

Crossroads come and go but which one would have made Frost’s difference?
Looking back at what could have been appears to be a useless use of that rearview mirror

Even the bumps and dips in the road had meaning; after all, they’ve  brought you here

Still you remember that curve where you swerved and made that last minute decision

The one where you know everything ahead of you would be changed and the opportunity once presented became a thing of the past

Why do you continue to berate yourself for the shouldas and couldas when reality is what it is?

What magic solution would have been found in the past that could have been and never was?

Would the you you know be a different you in a  variety of yesterday?

Who’s to say?

Here you are living a changeable present, still questioning the choices made in a frozen past

Find satisfaction in what’s been given and what’s been earned

It is yours to relish and cherish on the road before you, not behind you

Mistakes, regrets and indecision defined your current scenario

Pick up the paint brush and color your world

Stay in the lines drawn or be as abstract as you want

Your life is your art and last time I checked there was no rule book to be followed

Your memories and accomplishments are to be hung in the gallery for which you are the sole curator

If by chance you happen to come upon a missed encounter with fate, then secure it for yourself the second time around and make it part of your life, define it as your art, color it in and hang it in your gallery

It’s there for a purpose and not because you were given a second chance – it was part of the road not taken because you were not ready to embrace it in all of its glory

Now that it’s here, enjoy the path and the unpaved road it has placed before you 



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