Shame On You

You spread like wildfire

Eliciting awkward laughter from those who don’t know how to handle you

You maim

You injure

You damage reputations

You penetrate the core of love and spew the venom of distaste 

On Social Media you present yourself in the costume of ignorance knowing fully well the dress code was billed as ‘honesty chic

To condone your misstep is to abandon basic moral principles

In my self-defined faith based world, I wonder where in your world is your Jesus

Remember him?

He was the one who preached to the poor and downtrodden, the supposed lost, the perceived week

He is also the cloak under which you disclaimer your apt stupidity

At least I know that in you and your followers of ugly, he now has a fervent flock

For unfortunately there will always be more of you than there will be of me

Go sing your notes of discord to the masses who support you

Sprinkle your melody of discrimination with the flat chords of apathy you play for our human race in your instrument of noise

As I embrace my holier than thou moment, keep in mind that my message comes from a place of deep love for many, many people

Your message stems from hate and it is a feeling that I know all too well

Because I hate your message and all that it represents

Shame on you


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