Fifty springs I’ve had a mother

The narrative of my life a simple tale

I was here and she’s been there

Through it all, whatever all has been

She’s seen my best, my worst and all that remained

Guiding within the rule book she mastered

Applying a matter of fact logic that has strained to please 

At times when my way and her’s were at odds

Yet I have been blessed

A fate such as this is wondrous and joyful

I see who she’s grown up to be and how we grew up together

Parents are not made the day they are given a child

It is a life lesson to be learned daily by all

We are all teachers and we are all students

Maybe we’re still learning

Or maybe we’re near commencement

Wherever we stand today I know that I am grateful

(I’m one of the lucky ones)

To have my mother at my side

To truly appreciate the colors she’s brought to my world

To see some of her in me

To know our bond

To know its strength 

To value her as the oft-times complicated treasure that she is

In the oft-times complicated treasured moments that I’m not

I love her

She loves me

The bond between mother and son is strong and forever…



2 thoughts on “Unconditional

  1. Beautiful! A toast to Melba Pa’

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