Cats Rickvival – A Special Double Post


As the stars align for all things feline

We smile up to the heavyside layer and rejoice

One of one of our own is leaping through his dreams

To find realities that will give him to the world (again)

Not just any world, but that place where action waits in the wings

A darkened backstage where a unique crawl will propel him into the limelight (again)

Allowing him to deliver the magic with his feet as wands

We’ve seen this magic in the making before

But none as pure as what will surely stand before us soon

Let the memory live again

As all great magicians must learn

Not all are meant to conjure up destiny and own it

He does

He will

He has

Somewhere in a dream I saw this

Now, not paradoxically, he makes it happen

His mind is engaged in the rapt contemplation

Of determination and achievement

For he is resting and saving himself to be right

For the Jellicle Moon and the Jellicle Ball

Where to all the others he will deliver through song the invite

And we will watch and we will sing…

We will laugh

We will cry

And this time, amid notes of laughter and tears, nothing will be better than this cat


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