Fourth Down

Goal post focused are we

Gotta make sure that kick is good

Have to set the expectations up front

Lest someone should feel inclined to deviate again

For some players it is not about the touchdown

We can’t all have ultimate successes

For some it is about the field goal

The lesser points are still a triumph and they can accumulate to produce a win

Coaches have to be steadfast and not impulsive

They have to be objective and not give in to the heat of the moment

Caution and levelheadedness might be confused as disregard

Yet it reinforces the play and is often shrouded in the grace of the victory

A victory earned by the firm hand of tenacity and not enablement

Still coaches are second guessed by the crowds

And sometimes by the team owner

In a play where misinterpreted perception becomes unfounded reality

No good deed goes unpunished under the scrutiny of rationalization

Still we coach

Still we take our lumps

Still we stay in the game in our perpetual fourth down positions

Waiting for yet another field goal

Knowing the elusive touchdown is a goal for another day


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