Conversations With My Sunday God

Clarity comes into the room. 

From the light of the stained glass windows that adorn the high walls, the sun enters and casts shadows over the pews. 

The Ritual of a Catholic Mass plays in the background as my introspective meditation leads to a bold conversation with my Sunday God. 

I seek wisdom to make a decision for my future and I am listening to my thoughts converge with prayer to seek needed answers. 

I sit alone amongst the crowd of worshippers as I recite the words I’ve known all too well from my early years’ parochial school education. 

I am not the most faithful and I am plagued with doubts, but I find sanctuary in this house of worship and the early morn allows my soul to focus on the message delivered and not the guilt doctrines of childhood. 

I’m at a crossroad with my life goals and my writing, hoping that my foray into this realm of quiet provides divine guidance. 

In the span of a few minutes that tie together to represent my hour of response, I find answers in the quiet. 

I know what I’d like to do. 

I know the steps I must take. 

I know the path and the options I must seek. 

I don’t know anything definitive and yet I know definition will come.

I know I will soon know

The vulnerability of this moment is strengthened by my call to focus from my call through prayer. 

The hand of the universe has been outstretched to me and I will take it and let it lead me to fulfill the promises I have made to myself. 

This is faith and with it, comes…



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