The Consultant, Change

Change, a consultant, calls the meeting and all the required participants enter the room. 

Discourse walks in and starts talking immediately, putting all listening skills on the back burner. 

Challenge strolls in and is already building a time table of upcoming events. 

Opportunity sits in the back of the room quietly observing behaviors. 

The room fills with Fear, Apathy and Dissension who, of course, sit together. 

The final member who enters the room is Reason, sitting directly opposite Opportunity. 

Change takes the floor and outlines point by point his proposal. 

Fear, Apathy and Dissension start talking and immediately go quiet when Reason interrupts their chatter. 

Change continues his presentation and Emotion makes his presence known, interrupting Reason’s side monologue. 

Discourse joins the conversation and Reason quiets down and moves to the chair next to Opportunity. 

The dialogue is lively and promotes Opinion to join the gathering. 

There is so much crosstalk going on that not one person notices that Reason and Opportunity have left the room. 

Meanwhile, they both have asked Action and Time to take their place in the meeting. 

Eventually, the meeting adjourns, the crowd scatters and Reason and Opportunity walk back into the empty conference room. 

They invite Time and Action to join them in the room. 

Reason asks the question, ‘What was the outcome?’

Action responds, ‘Time took over the meeting, quieted the crowd, I delivered my plan and then we dismissed Change.’

Reason asks inquisitively, ‘What about the others?’

Time responds, ‘They went back about their business.’

Outside the building Change waited. 

He knew they would call him back. 

He knew he would always have a job because as he had learned early on in life, he was consistent and he was…



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