All Those Lost Hues

The colors go quickly

Anniversaries of departure dates are hard

Remembering the lost should get easier with time

(It doesn’t)

Remembering the day we said goodbye to a love

Takes us back to the place and time

When the tether was cut

Connection to this mortal earth


Sadness can’t help but prevail

The flood of memories opens up

Like the old photo albums we used to keep

What I would give to have had a smartphone then

To capture all your moments

To record your voice

To be able to hear and sing your songs


Instead I have memories that are still vivid

Grief disguised behind the psychedelic graffiti of nostalgia

Guarding moments that elicit laughter at a second’s notice

You live on in the heart compartment reserved for you

You who knew me for so little a time

Yet impacted my life more than anyone else

My gratitude for you is limitless

You are missed and have missed too much

The essence of her soul has never been the same without you in the foreground

I miss the panorama that she displayed with you in it

She forever altered, you forever gone

Those hues are erased from us in this life

So today we remember

We seek those colors

We reflect on what was

We look back fondly

We go on

Until the day we meet again

When the light of you

Gives us back all those lost hues

And a mother’s embrace

Restores a daughter’s joy


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