This Place Of Lie

No fight left to fight

Extinguished passion is the most bleak of emotions

When a flame goes to spark to a mere snuff

Leaving only the smoke and smell of burn in its wake

It is the simplest form of spelling O-V-E-R

The art of speaking in loud voice

To drown out untruth and omission 

Is one I’ve mastered well

I’m not proud

It is not a happy place to visit

Yet to not come here would violate every principle

My being would not thrive in this place of lie

So the voice goes loud to drown the deceit

To do one’s best one must do one’s best

To say it does not make it so

Actions speak louder than all words

The silence of inaction is deafening

Layer upon layer of damage

Still I have to consider that some things are

What they are

Will be

What they will be

What they must be

Learned habits manifesting destiny

Me the bystander

To a future I can influence 

But inevitably will not ever…



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