He Put A Spell On Us

The babies of life come and go

Our inevitable favorites growing up

Commanding from this one life their equitable share

Basking in the light of independence

Drinking from the nectar of knowledge

Formulating opinions and drafting motions to dismiss uncertainty

Defining the narrative of their lives

Winning bouts with incidental challenge

Using the purest of intellect 

Meeting the toughest of critics in the mirror

Amassing accomplishments

Drawing the defining line of their destiny

With the stylus of drive and determination

Right before our eyes

Fulfilling the promise of a pride we cannot help but muster

From deep within 

Delighting in the affection instantly born on a Jersey morn of yesterday

Because this is blood of my blood

Remembering the child who was

Now the man who is

To the man who will be

One who will find balance

In the scales of justice

One who will embrace

Symmetry of human spirit on the road to success

A born natural

Undeterred in his quest

To be a candidate for everything that is fair and just

Positioned for heights unknown or not yet scaled

Bestowed with the grace of humility

Keeper of a magic spell

He one day long ago put on us

With his wand of charisma and charm

Where we became his

Because we were altered and captured and changed

A distant part of his permanent entourage

Cheering him on 

For all that culminates and commences today

For all that his tomorrows will bring


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